Couples Therapy

Marc Chagall, Married Couple and the Sun, 1920
Marc Chagall, Married Couple and the Sun, 1920

Couples enter therapy for many reasons. Often though, couples must work on strengthening their friendship, opening up the communication about ongoing issues, and building their shared lives and dreams together. I base my ideas on Gottman couples therapy theory, my experience working with couples and my own intuition.


It is my pleasure to see couples reach into themselves and work through difficult topics all the while trying to strengthen their relationship. It is a powerful and rewarding experience for all involved.


Some of the issues or triggers that bring couples into therapy are these:

  • Working through a betrayal in the relationship
  • Disagreements over parenting styles
  • Conflict over fertility issues
  • Working on issues with in-laws or family expectations
  • Passion in the relationship
  • Sex issues
  • One or both partners considering separation
  • Ongoing arguing or hurtful accusations
  • Substance abuse within the relationship
  • Financial issues
  • Division of labour in the household

I also offer couples workshops

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