Practicum Students: I offer supervision for practicum students looking to supplement their supervision or deepen their practicum experience. Please note that I am not able to offer a practicum placement. 

New Clinicians: I offer supervision to therapists that are in the first few years of practice in any setting. 



Therapy Services

Disordered Eating, Body Image, Self-Esteem: adults struggling with one of these issues requires help with improving confidence and toning down the critical voice in his/her head. I often suggest a combination of self-awareness work, CBT, exploring history of relationship to food and body and working through current life events.


Anxiety: Often anxiety is connected to perfectionism, feeling judged, having a harsh inner critical voice, uncertainty and much more. We work together on self-awareness and tracking anxiety, use some CBT work, exploring how anxiety is useful and how it isn't and combating the critical voice.


"I Am Stuck": This could be feeling stuck at a job, feeling uncertain about a romantic relationship or just generally feeling unfulfilled in life. In this case, we work together to uncover all of the pieces contributing to the whole picture. There are often conflicting feelings keeping the person paralyzed and unable to move forward.


Teenagers: I work with young adults as young as 16. Teens represent a unique stage in life in which the struggle to be independent bumps up against the need to maintain some dependence on parents. Often issues around relationships with parents, friends and romantic partners are forefront. And, teens struggle with plans for the future. Other symptoms I often see are: self-harm, body image, feeling apathetic, and moodiness. I work to create safe space for teens to share their thoughts and feelings. I help sort out what to share with parents and when to reach out to other adults for help. We make plans for finishing school and repairing or strengthening relationships.


Couples Therapy: Communication, strengthening friendship and repairing betrayals or hurts tend to be the main issues brought to couples therapy. I also offer Couples workshops periodically. If you would like to be added to the waitlist for our next workshop, please email me. 


Craving Change : Why do we eat what we eat? Why do our best intentions fall to the wayside? This course teaches you to recognize triggers for eating, looks at emotional eating and provides many tools to get started on a different path. Appropriate for any adult. 


I welcome a diverse clientele and would be happy to meet with you for a consultation to discuss your particular needs.


Hannah Caradonna


#318 - 1175 Cook St

Victoria, BC V8V 4A1

(250) 588-9500

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