Craving Change

Craving Change: Two formats

Craving Change™ is a class for anyone wanting to make changes to how they eat. It is not a diet or exercise plan. It is an introduction to thinking about the emotional aspects of eating. You will learn:


  1. Why it’s hard to change your eating
  2. Identify your own triggers for problematic eating
  3. Learn to respond to those triggers differently
  4. How to make those changes last


I am currently offering this course in one-on-one format as part of your therapy or as a stand-alone course: We work together using the official Craving Change workbook. In addition to the standard goals, we also identify your personal triggers that effect eating habits and behaviours and work to understand them in order to change them on a deeper level. This is recommended for those currently or previously diagnosed with an eating disorder as well as those who consider themselves to have problematic eating behaviours.


We meet over 4-5 consecutive weeks. The fee is $110/session ($80 students) which is my regular therapy fee and includes the cost of the workbook.




I am not currently offering the workshop format. Check back to find out when I will be doing this again.


Contact me if interested!