Taking Action: Move

This is the second part in a series about taking action to work through problems on your own. In this post, we look at physical activity.

Taking Action: Move your body, Hannah Caradonna

Move Your Body

Moving is a bit different than exercise. Exercise is definitely a way to move your body. But, there are other less rigourous ways to move.


  • moving your body is a very important part of mental health
  • moving your body is more broadly defined than exercise. So, many physical activities can be included in this category.

How to Move

There are so many options! A couple of things to keep in mind:


  • Pick an activity/activities that you enjoy and would want to do again.
  • Pick something that is realistic and reasonable: So, if you haven't been moving at all, it is unrealistic and unreasonble to take up jogging for an hour a day. Instead, pick something smaller and work your way up.
  • It doesn't need to be rigourous to be helpful for your mind but I recommend something that gives you a sense of accomplishment and peacefulness when you are finished.
  • Pick an activity that is purely for moving your body.

Go Outside

When possible, go outside to move.

  • Listen to the sounds of birds, cars, children playing, music and whatever else you hear. Pay attention to what you hear.
  • Use you nose to smell everything. From car exhaust to roses in bloom, take it all in.
  • Look around. Look up and around. It can be easy to focus on the ground and forget that there is so much more to look at.


One of the tasks that goes along with improving mental health for many people is about developing awareness of feelings and thoughts. This exercise is a really easy way to pay attention and develop more awareness.


Try it out!

*Photo credit: freedigitalphotos.net, image by Vlado

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