Self-Esteem and Self compassion

self-esteem and self compassion Hannah Caradonna
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What is the difference between self-esteem and self compassion? I watched this TED talk by Dr. Kristin Neff (Associate Professor in Human Development and Culture at University of Texas at Austin) and have been thinking about now have these concepts bopping around my head.


I think the most profound part of this is that you need to have self compassion in order to have better self-esteem. 



Watch for yourself:

So, self-esteem innately carries a judgement within it. If you talk about your level of self-esteem, you are judging yourself. Self-compassion is about being compassionate with yourself no matter what is going on. Dr. Neff describes it as providing yourself with the type of care and support that you would for a close friend or your children.


So, increasing self-esteem involves stepping out of this way of a lense of good/bad self-esteem. 


If you check out Dr. Neff's website, you will see a self-compassion quiz. You can test how well you provide yourself with self-compassion. Try it out!

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