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Infertility is rarely a simple diagnosis with a clear treatment plan. What follows are some blogs that I have found to be very honest, heart-felt, well-written and funny are these. They are older blogs so you have to go into the archives. None of them blog about infertility much anymore. 


Blogs about infertility:


A Little Pregnant. Written by Julie, a woman struggling with infertility. Her and her husband did eventually have one biological child and a second with an egg donor. She writes about all the docotor visits, the ups and downs of pregnancy and miscarriage.They live in New England, US.


So Close Written by Tertia, a South African woman who now has twins and a younger son. She had a long road of infertility and IVF treatments before having her twins and then the surprise of her naturally conceieved child. She also started an egg donor program and runs that. 


abc family This is written from a young woman who had difficulty conceiving and wrote about that process. She then went on to have 4 children. She also blogs about parenthood and writes about what she struggles with which I am sure many parents can relate to.


If you have other more current blogs to recommend, please let me know.




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