In the news this week: eating disorders

Today I am sharing some eating-disordered-related news pieces that popped into my inbox this week. It is a topic that is in the news a lot. Here are four articles of about 30 that were in my inbox and floating around the online news sources this week. Many adults struggle with eating disordered behavior with the most relentless symptom (in my opinion) being the ongoing obsessing about weight, calorie intake, exercise, rigid food intake and/or guilt. The actual weight of the person is but one small clue as to the complexity of a person's relationship with food and her (or his) body.


Therapy with someone struggling with eating disordered behavior or body image or self-esteem with me involves talking about the behavior and feelings around food a bit and spending the majority of time working with the issues underlying the symptoms. We use the symptoms as a barometer for how the person is feeling and dealing with those underlying isues.


  • Pregnant woman struggling with body image and eating disorders in UK News


  • The 'Almost Anorexic" phenomenon from the same source



  • Preteen eating disorders on the rise (under age 12) in CBC Newsday