In the news this week

These are some of the psychotherapy-related news/blogs topics that popped into my email box this week that caught my attention:


The new face of eating disorders: Men starving themselves...

A newspaper article on the rise of eating disorders amongst men and the attached stigma making it more difficult for men to ask for help. In general, men are less likely to see help for mental health issues.


CBC news in Calgary at the U of C reports on how more students in Alberta are accessing help for mental health issues citing a range of problems. A personal blog kept for several years about a woman's struggle with depression and sobriety.


Cut for Bieber This is by far the most upsetting event in the news in the past two weeks. The basic story is that the teen star Justin Bieber, who has a wholesome and clean image, was said to have been caught using marijuana. Via twitter, some accounts that appear to mostly be dummy accounts, urged other twitter-Bieber fans to cut themselves in the name of Bieber to encourage him to quit smoking marijuana. This is way of making cutting seem common and cool.

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