20 leftover turkey recipes
What to do with all the leftovers



Despite the photograph of food, I'm not talking about turkey. I am referring to the feelings and events that have occurred over the holidays that now sit inside festering. Leftovers are the thoughts left unsaid to important people - lovers, mothers, old friends. Leftovers are the old feelings that sit quietly inside you until they are triggered by events such as a holiday meal or a lonely holiday and feel fresh, raw and new again. We all have leftovers from the holidays by the mere fact that Christmas and the surrounding holidays evoke memories from the past and remind us of what we do and don't have. Who we are and are not. Where we are in space and age. We think about why we exist, why others are in or out of our lives at this point in time and where to go next.


It is but 2 days into the new year and I've already had a week's worth of conversations about leftovers with clients. I'm happy my clients have a place to process their feelings about what has or hasn't happened over the holidays. It also gives me a chance to reflect with each person and offer a different perspective.


Happy new year, leftovers and all!