The holiday season series: Part 1 - Finding meaning

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Mason Jar Snow Globe

For many people, this holiday “season” is filled with many mixed feelings. For some, the gift-giving expectation brings up feelings about limited finances or who to exchange gifts with. For others, the holidays brings up feelings about family members who have died or relatives they are estranged from. For others, sorting out how to divide up time with different family members or divorced parents is the top concern. Others try to avoid the whole thing. But it is hard to forget because everywhere you turn is a reminder – Christmas songs, decorations, sales, schedule changes. Whether you like it or not, it is the biggest holiday in our country.


How do you stay afloat? Centered? Grounded? I am going to suggest now, and in the next few weeks with a couple of other posts, that you find a way to make this time of year meaningful to you. I believe it is important to do this because the holiday is huge, all-encompassing, and comes back and back and back every year.


So, my first idea of how to make it meaningful is to ask yourself:

What would I like this holiday season to be about?

Perhaps it is a chance to get in touch with your creativity, reconnect with your spirituality, connect with family, connect with friends, honour those that have died, connect with your community, or something else.


Another question to ask yourself:

What experiences will I remember fondly five years from now? What experiences from past holidays have I cherished?

Maybe it would be a shared meal with family. Perhaps volunteering for a charity that you admire.  Or, it could be a ritual that you do every year. 


In the next post in this series, I will write about making the connection between your meaning and your actions.