Sugar as a metaphor

This video is not meant to be used as a launch point for a discussion on addictions or negative patterns but rather as a commentary on the dangerous effects of sugary drinks. But, I couldn't help but go there when I watched this video.


What is your sugar? In other words, what do you do or use in your life that provides temporary happiness in place of long-term happiness? What gives you a temporary "high" disguised as happiness?


Do you drink for fun but then feel "down" and "sad" the next day? Do you keep going to the same person with hopes of love or sex but end up feeling lousy about yourself instead? Have you ever gone shopping to improve your mood but then felt guilty for the money spent? These are all examples of attempts to feel good through quick fixes but that ultimately make you feel a little worse.


Happiness doesn't come from sugar. In fact, sugar makes for a more depressed baseline. If you aren't happy, give yourself the time and patience to slowly improve your mood. And do ask for help :)

Hannah Caradonna


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