Halloween: Does your costume say something about what is happening in your life?

One year, the year that I spent mostly at home writing my thesis, I ended up dressing as a lamp for Halloween. I painted my face yellow and wore a lampshade over my head and dressed in all brown. What did that say about me? I think I was totally embodying my experience of being an “idea” generator. Let me back up. If you think about a lightbulb, what else do you think of? Do you picture someone thinking and then a lightbulb turns on over their head? I do. And, I (not consciously) portrayed this in my costume. I was at home writing, thinking, and coming up with lots of new ideas for my thesis. So, when it came time to think of a costume, this new thesis-writing person became my costume.


This idea occurs to me every year as I watch adults dress up for Halloween. Last year my pregnant friend dressed as a chicken with her belly as the egg surrounded by a nest. She was nesting! Becoming a mother! It was a perfect representation of her current life situation. 


What about you? Are you dressing up as something relevant and current in your life without even realizing it? You may think of Halloween in a whole new way now.


Happy Halloween!