A fresh start for Fall

Just as the title of this first post states, I have lots of new stuff happening!


First, a new website. I suppose this is self-evident if you have been to my website in the past. One of the new things I can do on this website that I couldn't with my previous host, aside from have a Paypal account, is keep a blog. So, that leads me to my second point. I am starting a blog. I intend to write about current events locally and worldwide that involve therapy, relationships, mental health and anything that strikes me as interesting and relevant. 


Lastly, I have a new office. I am keeping some hours at my old location at The Horizon Group and plan to run my groups from there. But, you can now find me at Origins Counselling Services just a few blocks from my old location. I am honoured and thrilled to be included amongst the skilled interdisciplinary team of private practice therapists there.


Happy Fall everyone.

Hannah Caradonna


#318 - 1175 Cook St

Victoria, BC V8V 4A1



(250) 588-9500

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